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\( rpm \) stands for revolutions per minute. The aim is to convert \(N\) (expressed in \(rpm\)) to \( \omega \) (expressed in \( rad.s^{-1} \)). If \(N\) revolutions are performed in one minute, \( \frac {N}{60} \) revolutions are performed in one second. As one revolution is equal to \( 2\pi \) radians, the conversion can be done thanks to the following formula:

$$ \omega_{ (rad.s^{-1}) } = \frac {2\pi}{60}.N_{(rpm)} $$

and vice-versa:

$$ N_{(rpm)} = \frac {60}{2\pi}.\omega_{(rad.s^{-1})} $$

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Last update : 09/16/2018